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N A M A S T E . Y O G A . L O N D O N


N A M A S T e . Y O G A . L O N D O N

Yoga is love. Yoga is stillness. Yoga is sharing. Yoga is consciousness. Yoga is listening. Yoga is questioning. Yoga is breathing. Yoga is connection. Yoga is wisdom. Yoga is kindness. Yoga is strength. Yoga is stretching. Yoga is awareness. Yoga is life. 


freedom of humanity

What is the more valuable thing in your life? Your car, house or your designer watch can be answers on certain thinking ways.  No matter how many material things you own. There is one thing is not in your hand and never will be able to buy. That is the time. You have only one moment and this moment will not come back again. Time you can not buy or command.  What power you have then? Are you a free person? Of course I am, you would answer. Do you own your body? It does what you want? If you decide to do not go to the restroom, drink water, have some sleep or eat food for five days would your body follow your decision? Where is our freedom when we are controlled by our body, by time, by our habits and needs? How many times you find yourself  worrying about future or watching the movie of your memories in your mind? Even your mind is not controlled by you.

Only way to find the real freedom to meditate and find the way to own your mind. The wisdom of staying in the moment gives you the power of own your time. The magic of silence gives you the energy of to be focused and use your skills on the best way as you can. Yoga helps to meditate with your whole body, helps you to get your life.



      N A M A S T E     .     Y O G A    .   L O N D O N 

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Also available treatments if requested to help to reach your goals in your life beside of yoga practice:   NLP training,  Life coaching, Aroma therapy, Sound pool. Ayurveda.