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The Wisdom of Yoga

There is no such a thing as lucky or unlucky happenings in life. But there is faith. There is mind power. There is the choice to change your life within a single second. There is something we call Karma. Karma does not need you to believe it. It works as gravity, ebb and flow of the sea, sunrise and sunset on the sky. The meaning of Karma is act. Every single act has consequences. When you do your job you will get payed. If you do not care about your plants they will die, if you keep watering them they will give you flowers.

The same thing can happen to your body also, everything depends on do you care or you do not. Our system is far away from perfection. By the time we slowly loose our senses, the brain's sharpness, ca not be able to remember our own family either. Strength is gone we are getting weaker.

I have worked as a carer for a year. The best thing what ever could happen to me to open my eyes. To see the world of pain and suffer. Medications and twenty pain killers a day, still breathing dead people locked in their bodies with a healthy mind, keep saying they want to die. 

Does it necessarily happen on this way? I think no.

It is an amazing person out there called Tao Porchon-Lynch the Guinness Record holder of the World's Oldest Yoga Teacher who is 96 years old in 2018 and still the queen of headstands and splits.  She can prove us wrong if we think it is absolutely natural if we have pain in our whole body after reached age 40.

But we have to do good acts to get good results. Please practice yoga. Namaste

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Gabriella Horvath