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What are we doing in the yoga kids club?

How fun is it to do yoga for kids? Aren’t they got bored or feel uncomfortable with the poses? Is my kid able to do it without any previous experience?

Yes. No. And of course yes.

Our all day activities are including ENERGY burning ones such as dancing around ,  create and perform own yoga sequences, make animal noises and walking like animals, jumping like frogs, active playtime with loads of outdoor toys, but PEACEFUL  things also as discussing about our happy times, exploring yogi breathing with funny exercises,  meditation with aromatherapy,  storytime, mindful art and craft.

No need to be prepared or to have previous knowledge about yoga philosophy or poses, as I experienced so far children know more than we think and  some of them can handle naturally poses like handstand, backbands or splits. Kids are more likely to be flexible and balanced basically than adults.

We are not strictly practicing just yoga poses during the club. That is more learning about expressing emotions, notice feelings, control mind, find kindness, how to express ourselves, how to make friends and encourage them to improve and connect to each other



Kids yoga practice 

Gabriella Horvath