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New Yin Yoga Class in Woodford

JMeditative Yin Yoga with Gabriella on Tuesdays in Woodford Community Center, Prospect Hall.

Hi Beautiful People,

I’m Gabriella an experienced YATT and I would love to help you to get to know yoga.  Join me to practice guided meditative Yin Yoga to release stress, encourage flexibility, strengthening your body, increase your energy level to be more proactive in your daily life.

In fact worrying blocks creativity and problem solving can be harder with focusing on the problem. Only way to find solutions if you step back and let go the negativity. Clean your mind with Yin Yoga and feel the effect of it as you improve in your daily life.

Just £12 pounds and FREE first class with a guarantee you don’t pay if you don’t like it 🙏🏼

What will you get for this price?

• Ashtanga warming up sequence

• Supported relaxation by aromatic scents

• Guided  meditation during Yin Yoga sequence with uplifting, mindful thoughts

• Pranajama breathing practice

• Every equipments provided such as mats, relaxation pillows, blankets

Please book in advance to make sure your mat is reserved.

No need to bring anything else just yourself in comfortable clothes and some water.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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Gabriella Horvath